Our Guarantee

Our parenting classes have been adapted for online presentation from the Parents Forever™ program, a research-based program for divorcing parents designed and tested by educators at the University of Minnesota. We are so confident in the acceptance of this exceptional program nationwide that if you enroll in our program and it is not accepted by a court to meet their requirements, we will refund your course fee in full upon written proof from the Court that the course was not accepted.*

To obtain a refund, you must submit the written proof to us via fax, within 30 days of enrollment. Please contact us through our help desk for further instructions.

* Valid only for the IODC course or the IODC and IODA course combination. Not valid for Courts or Jurisdictions listed here who do not accept online classes or require their own specific course.


The following Courts do not accept online classes or have specific requirements as indicated and are not covered under our guarantee unless the special requirements are met: